Sunday, June 21, 2009

And now, for something completely different!!!

I couldn't even say how many years it has been since I did any sewing, but it has been a long time.  More than 5 years, at least.  Well, not too long ago I was catching up on my blog reading, when I followed a link and ended up here.  I got so inspired by the lovely fabrics like this, and this, that I decided it was time for a little sewing.  

Ta Da!!!

Fabric:  Amy Butler Acanthus in Olive

Lining:  Amy Butler Coriander in Olive

Pattern:  Practical Bag by Tanya Whelan

I modified the pattern a bit, because each side of the bag is made in two pieces, sewn together down the center.  I wanted to keep the full acanthus motif on each side of the bag, so I cut it out with the center of the pattern on the fold of the fabric, which was folded down the center of the motif. (make sense?)  Because of the motif placement on the fabric, it made the bag maybe an inch or so narrower than the pattern, a small sacrifice to be able to have this lovely design complete on each side.  

I also added a pocket inside, but forgot to do it before I sewed the lining in, so I sewed it in by hand.  And last, I added a few beads and some ribbon.  I'll see how I like this last bit when I've used my new bag for a while.  It is easy to take off if I decide I don't like it.

My finished bag!

Potholder Swap (It's about time!)

I have neglected to post about the very fun Potholder Swap held by helloyarn and Adrian.  Back in March they put out a call for people to sign up for a swap.  Each participant was to crochet 5 potholders of the same design (varying colors OK) & send them in.  At the end of the swap, 5 new potholders from various participants would be mailed out to each person.

Here are my potholders that I made & sent in:

Pattern:  from this book
Yarn:  elann Sonata in many colors!
Mods: many, both to meet swap specs & to make functional.  Details here.

I sent off my potholders on May 15th.  So, the deadline passed on June 8th, and I received my swap potholders this week!  Here is what I found when I got home on Tuesday:

Starting with the green one on the left & going clockwise, they are from:  Erin M, Jenny, Bertha, flintknits, and colorandtexture.  

I love them!  What a fun swap!