Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Big Air (knitting) Time

Well, I have not been catching Big Air, as on the slopes.  But, the past week has been a big knitting week.  I have taken time off from work between Christmas & New Year's, and it has been great!

On Christmas Day,  we watched "Get Smart" together, and I started a new pair of Maine Morning Mitts.  I made a pair last winter, and wear them all the time.  I use an under-layer of cheap gloves, and with the wool fingerless mitts on top, they are really warm!  I finished them on the day after Christmas while I watched 3 (yes!) movies with DS #3.  (Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, Iron Man, and The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, if you are interested!)  It was the perfect day-after-Christmas kind of day - a completely, decadently lazy day!

Over the next couple of days, I worked on Sylvi - completing one sleeve, and almost finished the second, as well.

Sylvi sleeves

I have done a couple of other knitterly tasks also, and started another hat - the Purl Beret.  I am holding my breath to see if the one skein of Koigu will really be enough!  Pictures later.  I have been on quite a hat knitting spree lately.  (Meret, Purl Beret, Rose Red, Porom all to be found on ravelry) And more still that I want to make!  There are just so many nice hat patterns out there, and they are fun to knit!

Last night I went to Whitefrog's house, and helped her photograph all of her stash for putting into ravelry.  It is quite a job getting all your projects and stash into the database, but then easy to keep updated once the bulk of the work is done.

OK, back to hat knitting for me!  I may have a couple more pics to show this week!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Big Points (literal & figurative)

OK, the blog is new, and already a second post!  The mail just came, bringing a late gift from son #2:


which contained this:


Signature Arts needles, size 9, stiletto points.

WooHoo!  Nice gift! 
(heavy hinting involved....)

New Baby Blog

I have been thinking about blogging for some time now.  I have enjoyed art journaling for several years, and this is, after all, just another form of journaling.  So, I am taking the plunge.

It is the day after Christmas.  Christmas knits are finished & gifted, for the most part.  WIPS are few, I am free to work on whatever I want!  I made half a pair of Maine Morning Mitts yesterday, so will probably finish those today.  

I am wide open for my next big exciting knit - Sylvi, from the new fall Twist Collective.   Whitefrog (rav name) & I are doing our own, very loose, KAL for this.  

By way of introduction, I present to you my cozy knitting spot:

Knit spot

It has everything essential for comfortable knitting:  comfy seating arrangement, cozy lap throw (knitted, of course), bins of yarn, knitting books & magazines, caffeinated drinks, food, lots of knitting needles, tools, computer (gotta have some rav, audible books, patterns, etc...) and of course, a cat.  Life would just be too simple without a little feline challenge to spice things up.