Sunday, June 21, 2009

Potholder Swap (It's about time!)

I have neglected to post about the very fun Potholder Swap held by helloyarn and Adrian.  Back in March they put out a call for people to sign up for a swap.  Each participant was to crochet 5 potholders of the same design (varying colors OK) & send them in.  At the end of the swap, 5 new potholders from various participants would be mailed out to each person.

Here are my potholders that I made & sent in:

Pattern:  from this book
Yarn:  elann Sonata in many colors!
Mods: many, both to meet swap specs & to make functional.  Details here.

I sent off my potholders on May 15th.  So, the deadline passed on June 8th, and I received my swap potholders this week!  Here is what I found when I got home on Tuesday:

Starting with the green one on the left & going clockwise, they are from:  Erin M, Jenny, Bertha, flintknits, and colorandtexture.  

I love them!  What a fun swap!

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