Friday, December 26, 2008

New Baby Blog

I have been thinking about blogging for some time now.  I have enjoyed art journaling for several years, and this is, after all, just another form of journaling.  So, I am taking the plunge.

It is the day after Christmas.  Christmas knits are finished & gifted, for the most part.  WIPS are few, I am free to work on whatever I want!  I made half a pair of Maine Morning Mitts yesterday, so will probably finish those today.  

I am wide open for my next big exciting knit - Sylvi, from the new fall Twist Collective.   Whitefrog (rav name) & I are doing our own, very loose, KAL for this.  

By way of introduction, I present to you my cozy knitting spot:

Knit spot

It has everything essential for comfortable knitting:  comfy seating arrangement, cozy lap throw (knitted, of course), bins of yarn, knitting books & magazines, caffeinated drinks, food, lots of knitting needles, tools, computer (gotta have some rav, audible books, patterns, etc...) and of course, a cat.  Life would just be too simple without a little feline challenge to spice things up.

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